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Estiluz, Inc. was established in 1993 as a subsidiary of Estiluz and is located in Moonachie NJ, at the heart of the Meadowlands just minutes away from Manhattan. The main building, of 22,000 square feet, holds the inventory of finished products and parts as well as the several offices, including Sales, Customer Service and Back Office.

Placing all necessary resources, the company distributes products to the North American marketing in an expeditiously way. In the past few years, Estiluz, Inc. started a new path in terms of design and structure to supply the products and services that the specification - contract market requires. This helped to enhanced the brand name and give it more exposure.

The company also distributes Estiluz, Blauet and El Torrent products to the North American market in an expeditiously way.

Estiluz, founded in 1969, is a leader in the contemporary decorative lighting market. For over forty years, the brand has been innovating in the lighting and design community using the highest-grade materials and finishes available to create fixtures that will remain in the consumer’s imaginary.

Blauet, founded in 1983, creates architectural luminaires with clean line san innovating materials as part of their design philosophy.

El Torrent, founded in 1997, is specialized in hand-made shades designs. More than sixty standard fabric and vinyl selections, their capabilities and abilities to use custom material are boundless. 

Estiluz, Inc. has managed to stay a modern, highly and regarded company with absolute loyalty to its principles: Family business, own production and sustainability.

Lighting for a lifetime.



330 West 38th Street Suite 710
New York, NY 10018.
T +1 646 454 1285
F +1 646 454 1799

Estiluz S.A. (Headquarters)
Crta. Ogassa s/n
St. Joan de les Abadesses
17860 Girona - Spain
T +34 972 720 125
F +34 972 720 796










Our value; The team

Estiluz attributes its success in business to the hard work of its team, who strives to ensure the highest quality in every process: design, manufacturing, distribution and customer service.

The staff of nearly 40 employees, some of them working on our factory in Spain, are ready for covering America from our headquarters in Moonachie (NJ)

Since its origins, Estiluz has been devoted to design, development, manufacturing and the distribution of high-range decorative lighting products. We currently have international subsidiaries offices in Paris (1991), New York (1993) and Frankfurt (2002).


  • Renewal. Renew or die: “Nothing captured by history is ephemeral, from countless transformations it comes forth renewed in ever richer forms”, Novalis.
  • Experience. Dynamic professionals with the aim of perfection and a history of more than 40 years manufacturing high quality decorative lamps.
  • Business Excellence. Team Work that motivates proactive and participative attitudes, driven by instincts to overcome all obstacles and continuous evolution.
  • Impeccable Service. High quality customer service: quick answers and problem solving. 


  • Innovation. We give shape to new lighting concepts.
  • Eternally current. Some of our models remain classics of the contemporary decorative lighting industry.
  • Quality. "If it is not flawless, it is not Estiluz".
  • Functionality. Ease of use and installation and high light output.


  • Proximity. Local production for a global Service.
  • Society. Ethics, transparency, honesty and respect drive our relationships. 
  • Ecology. We contribute to energy efficiency and rationale use of our planet’s resources.



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1 bis rue Véron
94140 Alfortville
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F +34 972 720 796


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60316 Frankfurt am Main
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